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  • Form layout question

    I have to admit I'm not really happy with the way SC formats data on the screen. I think in the future releases this has to be redseigned. God idea would be to take CMS systems like Joomla or Drupal which allow much more flexibility in the layout design. In my opinion the best would be to have auser definable number of rows and columns (very much like a spreadsheet) and assign each field to the specific row/column coordinates. The this can be converted into DIV tags making the layout much more convenient.

    Any idea how to make it look god ?
    As you see the lines with prices has labels which instead being close to the related field are close to the other field. This makes the form very confusing. I used BLOCKS with 3 columns. Is there any way to add more space or bring the labels close to the fields ?


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    I have dreamed of being able to place a block within a block
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      If you want a half way decent control over your layout, than don't use the field labels.
      Instead, create your own label fields and put those in a separate column.
      I know it sounds like a lot of work, but hey, how many hours did you waste trying to properly line up the fields?



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        Why not to ask Net Make to join forces with formating and prototyping tools. There are plenty of them and they create really nice CSS.
        Has anybody tried DREAMWEAVER to edit/modify SC layouts ?