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Master detail form - enable the detail form buttons (new, update, etc)

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  • Master detail form - enable the detail form buttons (new, update, etc)

    Hi SC Forum,

    I'm SC newbie looking some way to enable the button (new, update, etc) for detail form in Master detail form application. The reason is I want to control the detail form to be 1-1 link with the master form. If the master form has no detail, the ADDNEW button should appear. Once insert the detail form, the ADDNEW button should disappear and UPDATE or SAVE button will appear as it is the 1-1 link . I believed this need to be controlled using sc macros right?

    Kindly advise friends...

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    Yes that is very possible. I assume you use 2 tables then.

    But if it is a 1-1 link then why dont you put it into one table?
    That way you can show the whole table if certain fields or filled in and hide (using blocks actually) a part of the table if those fields are not filled in..


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      Hi RR,

      I'm using the security module in scriptcase. I've created new table named user_profile and link it with the existing sec_user table for additional info for each user. I believed by separating the table, this will make the application performance much better as it will not load all column in database table once the application call the table in database.