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on change save all form values to a different (mutation) table

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  • on change save all form values to a different (mutation) table

    When a new record is opened from another readonly form passing over the ID of a member I want to preload all the fields from a parent table. When a value is changed I want to save the old value in a old_value_column. So if the form is preloaded with the last name Steven from another table. When I change the name Steven in Stevens I want the form to save Steven in the colum old_name and Stevens in the column name. Can we do this with ScriptCase and how ?

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    You can. In the onload you need to store the old values into variables. In the onbeforeinsert you can fill the appropiate data. In general I have another approach. I create a history table with the same structure but datetime as key. Then I can use one simple sql statement to copy the old record into the history and then replace the original record.
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      It did work indeed, exactly as you described. Thank you very much.
      Your approach is very straight forward indeed, but in this case I cannot use this approach. This database is transaction oriented and needs to see a changed value in the same table to trigger a transaction.



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        Then dont use a history table, just use the second column. Or alternatively add a lastupdate column in which you store the date/time value of the last update.