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    I have a grid with customers.
    I made a link in "on record" to a form with the details.
    In this form I have a master/detail with a grid in which there a notes everytime there is a contact with this customer.
    So far so good.
    But when I open a note in this grid (also with a link to a detail form) and return with "exit" in the toolbar the application does not come bach to the detail customer form but to the grid with all
    the customers.
    Question: How to do this....?

    Regards, Bert Steinebach

    @Albert I tried many things (and many hours) but I do not come to any results.

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    Which code you use to open this note?
    Has you specified some URL exit on this form?

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      Originally posted by Giu View Post
      Which code you use to open this note?
      Has you specified some URL exit on this form?
      Bert, did you try to solve the call to the link macro by a regular application link? I'm still curious to the problem and it would be helpful if you could supply a small failing testapp for us to look to. I have a feeling we're overlooking something obvious.
      Albert Drent
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        Hi Albert and Giu,

        Sorry for my late reply.
        I will make a test application these days and send it to you Albert.
        Of course I will update Giu and all the others with the result.

        Regards, Bert


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          Hi Everybody,

          I found out that using "_self" instead of "_blank" as a parameter in the link brings the solution for my problem.
          So easy is it in SC.
          Only to come to this idea I cost me some time. But never the less I am happy.

          Regards, Bert
          and thank you Albert and Giu for your attention.