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Field link on Grid not allowing link on fields

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  • Field link on Grid not allowing link on fields

    Would like to confirm whether I am doing this right?

    Have a grid displaying information from a view, which contains grouping and subtotals.

    Would like to create a field link to a control app which is expecting 2 parameters. The fields of the source grid app are not being shown as possible sources to link to the global variables on the control app.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Any feedback would be appreciated from SC?


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      What do you use to call your control app then? I guess you didnt look into sc_redir yet?
      sc_redir (Application, Parameter01; Parameter02; Target, Error)
      This macro its used to redirects to other application or URL.


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        Links > New Link > Chose Field > Chose Application > Link between Applications (Param definition) picks up the parameters that the destination application is expecting; chose FIELD and the list of fields from originating grid are not being listed?!