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Grid in Dashboard - Auto-Height and hiding elements

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  • Grid in Dashboard - Auto-Height and hiding elements

    Hi Guys,

    I'm creating a website (using SC8) which at one point has a page that needs to have varying grids of possibly very different height's. Depending on the data, any specific grid might have varying height as well.
    From what I have seen, I need a Dashboard application for this, with multiple widgets.
    Now where I'm hung are two things I just can't get done:
    - Automatically adjust widget height. Height is fixed, not setting any height will cause it to be very short. How can I have the height be determined by the height actually needed, rather than a static amount? As it is, on short grids, there's lots of ugly space at the bottom of the widget, while when it's too short, scroll bars appear (which have to be avoided as well as I can).
    - How can I hide and show widgets? Some should only appear under specific circumstances.