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being able to update selected records with a single value

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  • being able to update selected records with a single value

    I sent this to support already but did not get a useable response.
    Here is the situation.
    I have a grid that will generate a listing of all uninvoiced records.
    I want to click the records I want to associate with an invoice and write the invoice number to the database.
    Issue is that I need for the user to enter in a value of the invoice.

    They gave me the response, but the problem is it isnt something hard coded, behind the application, it is entered by the user.

    I tried creating a new field called invoice number, but you cant edit the field, and I would like to have it on the top of the screen, so you have to enter it once and when you process.

    I was thinking maybe some kind of popup field when you click the a button to enter the invoice number.
    Then another button to process the records if the invoice field isnt blank.

    Any ideas?


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    Just an idea. Not sure if it will work for you. To process the selected records is not a real issue I guess, there's a movie on the SC website for that. Your problem is that you cannot have an edit field on grid forms. Now there are several things I would try to do. First, create a control application, let the user enter the invoice number and link to the gridapplication. If you make this invoice number a global variable, you can apply this to your select showing all applicable records.
    Another option might be to create some master-detail and apply the detail on the same screen. (When creating the link use the option iframe). Then you have a custom field on your master which is used (again as global) for the sql statement. Does this help you?
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