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How to change the entire row style on a grid?

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  • How to change the entire row style on a grid?

    I am working on a grid and need to change the background on the "entire row" based on the value of a field that changes like a control break. I can use sc_field_style() macro however this only changes the background on each field but I need the "entire row" to change background color is there a macro for this? thanks.

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    Well I hate to state the hardest option, but I think that is what we are left with..
    Have you tried just dong every field?
    sc_field_style({FIELD1}, '#33FF99');
    sc_field_style({FIELD2}, '#33FF99');

    etc... works....


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      Hello KDriscoll,
      Thank you for answering but yes I have code to change each column however, I don't know how to change the background for the automatic columns that get added to a grid like the "edit column" or the "line number column" so yes most of them have the background check except for those and that is why I am looking for a way to do the entire row. Thanks again.


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        Hi javerx1.

        I tried to find solution because I need it. I used sc_field_style/color for each column. Of course, I am not satisfied with it - a lot of codding. But I found othe workaround for it - with template. Look there: