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Run Button, hide some checkboxes ... ?

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  • Run Button, hide some checkboxes ... ?

    I've a grid with a Run Button, that processes some records. It runs fine, and update the records accordingly. After records update, the grid reloads and shows all records, with their update status, in applicable (i've set a field for showing the updated status. They must by seen by user, so I can't filter them on SQL).

    However, after updating some records, I'd like to disable (or hide) the checkboxes for the records just updated, while still showing the updated records, so they can't be selected again for update. Records not update, must retain their checkboxes visible and active, for eventual updating).

    Also, when I enmbed this grid, in a form (Master / Detail), the grid button (Run Button) is not available anymore.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance
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      ...boing.... Realy no idea. If there's a onrecord event then you might be able to try to shoot a sc macro to hide the field or make it readonly. You need to try, never needed this. A work around is using sql filter and make two tabs, one with the records processed, one with the records to be processed. That's how I would solve it.
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