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    One of the reasons I've decided to use ScriptCase is the easy way to manage my database. But after working with ScriptCase, I've found that the ability to manage 'Charts' is so limited in comparison to the fledge of options with 'Grids'.
    I simply need to plot datalog information but I don't know how to it with ScriptCase. I've do an application that 'Search' all desired data and shows in a 'Grid', but I can't render them in a 'Chart', the chart options of ScriptCase are not designed to this. I have date and time based data values to plot in a line chart. The only "complication" is that I have many series, i.e., another fields determines that the data correspond to an another series of data. For example, I have temperature an humidity data of many stations and I want to plot all previously 'filtered' to one chart for comparison between them in the same range (or different) of time. So, each sensor data in a station is a series. If I have two stations with temperature and humidity, I have four series: two (temp/hum) from each of the two stations.
    Externally this is so simple to do with a javascript chart, but I want to do inside ScriptCase using the internal chart system, or if not possible, integrate my own external chart library but use a 'Search' (or grid) application to filter the data.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not that I have a direct answer. But is the question: how to display more series in one chart? (temperature of different stations) Or how to combine different type of series into one chart (temparature and humidity of a certain station in one chart). I have been looking into the documentation, but couldn't realy find an answer. The video's don't show multiple series in a chart, so I fear it's not an easy job.
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      I've read in another thread about a person who finally makes its own library (for Scriptcase 6) to get more control over the Charts and then do all you can do with them, not only what Scriptcase is limited to do.. I need some similar for Scriptcase 7 or better, that Scriptcase team do it to get more control over charts.
      The thing that I want to do is as simple as a Grid application: a search to select (filter) data (series) to view in a datetime range (X axis) and then instead of render a 'grid' or a 'summary' chart show this series. Each 'group by' equivalente should be a series.. But of course this will create series that can't be shown on a single Y axis, so the chart should assign a Y axis for each series, for group of series or automatically based on min/max values.. group similar Y axis in one axis. For example, for each type of values (temperature, humidity, radiation..) will be in a Y axis to represent at same range levels.. From the chart point of view, a datetime navigation toolbar will be appreciated to navigate the X axis using AJAX.


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        You can refer to Koolchart a useful tool for creating custom charts and 3D graphical representations. I found it very useful for creating custom charts for large data.
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          Thanks, but finally I've do in the hard way. Using Javascript and jQuery, I've integrated the jqPlot inside my project to get full chart features for my application.


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            Originally posted by Carlitos View Post
            Thanks, but finally I've do in the hard way. Using Javascript and jQuery, I've integrated the jqPlot inside my project to get full chart features for my application.
            You can share how you did it, an example please.


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              My implementation and use of jqPlot is "hardcoded", so it not replace or expands the actual (and limited) chart system of the ScriptCase. I've really do a control application that replace a field using jQuery with a jqPlot object. All the code of the jqPlot object is in the onApplicationInit event and the data comes in AJAX from a blank application that provides the JSON data for the chart. You configure the jqPlot by code on each application you use it with the help of a PHP function, and the data for the chart will also coded by querying to the database or where you data comes. In my case, I also provide some configuration options through the AJAX generated in the blank application, with this, the configuration of the jqPlot can be changed based on data of the database. If this is sufficient for you, I can post an example of use.