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Grid - refresh/reopen with previos selected rows.

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  • Grid - refresh/reopen with previos selected rows.

    Hello Colleagues,

    I have a grid with run button on every record (checkbox [ ]). I would like to select few record on the list (checkbox) - and reopen the same grid with previous selected. How to do it?

    Thank you for your suggestions.


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    Well if you run then you will have an event which triggers for each record. In that event (onloadrecord I think) you need to keep track of the keys. While doing this you need to buildup a global variable with the sql criteria to select them from your database. After processing each record you need to do a sc_redir to the application which shows you the selected records. In general it will be something like

    select ... where [glob_criteria]

    glob_criteria needs to contain something like mykey in (key1, key2, key3)

    key1.. key n needs to be replaced by your real key values of course.
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      Thanks Albert. I will provide solution when done soon