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  • Grid link to another grid

    I have a grid and I want to link to another grid to display the details.

    I try create a new HTML image field and link to my details grid.
    On 'OnRecord' event I set [glo_var] = {local_var} and already set to OUT.

    At details grid, at SQL statement I have added where local_var = [glo_var]

    Here's the problem comes out. When I click on the new field I just created. It did direct me to details grid but it always show me the last record of the page.

    Anyone help is appreciated!

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    The onrecord event is triggered at every displayed record, so the latest situation of [glo_var] will be your last record of the current page.
    In general, if you create a link you need to link to the matching sql. So your detail page should have something like where mykey='[glo_var]' Then when you create a link to this detail page you will get a form where you can bind this variable to your current keyvalue. It's in the dropdown. Then the application should work fine. No need to use event code.
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