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    Could some one provide me with guidance on if its possible to enable Creation of Custom / Dynamic reports in SC 8.1?

    By custom i mean for instance where i have say three tables (schools, students and staff - all the rest being related to the schools table using the school_id foreign key) and a user who doesn't find the predefined grids sufficient would then choose the staff table create a custom report, with the ability to link / relate it to another table.

    Can SC provide such functionality for both tabular and graphical reports?

    Also, if some one is available for some paid mentoring, i am looking out for this. please contact me on email or WhatsApp +250784166918


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    Scriptcase makes its reports using tcpdf. In the code section you can write your own custom code and on the events you write your php code for gathering your data.
    Your quextion is not clear enough to know what you exactly want. In tcpdf with php you can do pretty amazing things for your reports. But it then requires some coding by hand.
    Check out the tcpdf video in this page be aware this is a bit more advanced...