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    I want to proces few records from grid, I will choose which and then click process. Then there is method onRecord on which I define what happend. Is there any macro which allow me open modal window with filed ie. quantity, when I can change actuall quantity value?

    This is for invoice products records, when on invoice is 2 products, and someone return 1. I want to choose this record click proces change from 2 to 1. And write reason, Then it will create me corrective invoice only for 1. How I can do it?

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    just use an editable grid view instead of a grid.



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      I can't use editable grid becuase I want to store old value, when I use editable grid I will overwrite old value. This is for case when I have order for 3 items, and in warehouse I have 2, I want to create invoice for 2 item, and on order still shoud be 1. When I will got new delivery I will send last one(and will create second invoice). If I will use editable grid I will overwrite 3 by 2. Any other ideas?


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        If you want to change the value of your return than using grid is not a choice. You have to use editable grid view. Unless you just need check the product, you can see in tutorial. There's a way to make the grid row become checkable by creating a "run" type button.

        Another option is using onAfterInsert to insert all the row product based on invoice into "return" and let the user to edit / delete the row on return invoice