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  • Column Resizing

    IT seems that I cannot do it in generated grid, but perhaps I'm missing something
    Is SC capable of dynamic column resizing ?


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    Afaik no, it's depending on fixed settings or stylesheet. you need to adjust the column width I guess?
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      that is really bad Albert :-(

      So Net Make feeds new versions of CHARTS into the new release but refuses to add something which is much more basic and needed.
      I really wish there is some kind of on-line list what user want so it could be compared to what the NM implements. I have a feeling that 2/3 of user needs are replaced with what NetMake feels is good for new release. So far (from what I've herd) out of many features offered by new release only 2 are attractive for me.

      I wonder if we would do a simple App together and put it on-line to have a list of Bugs, and future user requests ?
      Of course we could do it through the forum, but I doubt that NetMake will pay attention to it. I could probably host this App on my server, and this should only take few hours.



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        I second this.

        I have a competing product (starts with "PHPStor") that did this from the beginning. I'm going to get LOTS of support requests on this missing basic functionality.

        I'm conflicted: I chose NetMake's product because of the better charts. Lol.

        The lesson: "Pretty" sells more product than "functional". I'm going to push my project to market like a used-car salesman pushing a beautiful Camaro (with no engine) off the sales lot.


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          It's a matter of choosing the grid library. SC has a load of 10 years history and that means that not everything can be changed easily. I have worked with configurable grids too, but to be honest I was rarely using this feature. Even in desktop applications (Delphi) it's a default feature but I haven't used it much. The competing product is an IDE like Zend and phpEd, it's not competative to SC IMHO. I'm not from SC and I have a lot to comment about, but as many customers as many ideas and opinions. In general I try to use SC on the strong parts. I know that there are limitations and (anoying) bugs. But in general with SC I create good looking and good working apps for ourselves and our customers. It simply is the price of using a case tool. We all can do better with bare php and libraries like Dojo, Bootstrap, JQuery, Prototype and whatever. If you have enough time and rich customers, it's the way to go. If not...

          Don't I have wishes? Of course I have, in fact a lot: better support, open communication structure, roadmap. But I'm not going to work on a nagging site just to show the 'bad' things about SC. If it's that bad, I think customers should select another product and leave. I have tested a lot of products similar to SC and I am still convinced that SC is the best product in it's kind. Not perfect, I admit.

          In general I still believe in a more friendly approach of getting things done. I have never caught a fly with vinigar. But even with honey you have to have patience sometimes. Time will tell.
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          Albert Drent
          aducom software netherlands
          scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development