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How manage sc_where_current between grid and blank application

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  • How manage sc_where_current between grid and blank application

    I'm trying to use {sc_where_current} to manage the Where clause on SQL to have the filtered display of data as user left before doing a certain action.
    So if the user uses the Refined Search then he come back to last filtered display and not , as it is now, to refresh of all fi

    SQL has [glo_save_current_where] on the place of WHERE clause.

    I set the global variable [glo_save_current_where] as Out on GRID

    $save_current_where = {sc_where_current};
    [glo_save_current_where]= $save_current_where;


    On every row of the GRID I got a text button that link a BLANK application that make, at the end of some checks, an Insert in one table.

    Doing the echo of GRID [glo_save_current_where] the value of variable is correct .

    When I click the button to redir to a blank application it is still correct becouse being a global value the variable mantain its own value.

    The PROBLEM is when I do the REDIR back to GRID from the blank application.

    The Refined Search of GRID becomes stucked (it do not show the X to close it) .

    Is the REDIR sc_redir(GRID_name); when open the GRID again do the OnScriptInit and put the filter to '' ?

    If this is the problem how can avoid it ? It's strange becouse if I do the same using a Button instead it works perfectly.

    Is there a better way to manage this needing ?

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