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onGroupBy and onGroupByAll in Group By events...

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  • onGroupBy and onGroupByAll in Group By events...

    hi guys, anybody knows what is the different between onGroupby and how to use macros in there?

    I need to exclude one option of a select field when grouping by "x" so to return only if this that where clause is matched...

    in short, i'm trying all possible ways mentioned in this thread and found out that when going to summary, if not filtered, then all data will be displayed... and i can't exclude...

    it is a good idea to filter the data based on groupBy rule, but i can't use their events... so i will get only concerned data included in the summary and in charts if certain groupBy rule was executed, hence, we solve the excluding issue...

    i've tried to do sc_select on groupBy, and sc_lookup but nothing, i keep get errors, additionally, I added WHERE clause to be > 1 (in field lookup) and it is excluding it from showing on grid/summary but keeps a "-" in the summary.. which is ugly and also shows the records count of that...


    you have data for 10 people, 5 of them are available, and 5 not available...
    when available, you have further data in the same row of the multiple records form
    when not available, then that data is "N/A" (nationality, age, class, grade...etc)

    when comes to summary, i want first group by to show me how many people available, how many not available... this is easy (groupBy status filed)

    but, if added another status filed, say "nationality", then it will give me 5 as "-" and 5 people with nationalities listed ok...

    i want to remove this "-" when groupBy nationality, because it is worthless in this case.... but the data which is being summarized is not filtered, so, can we filter it on groupby rule to exclude those "-" completely???? how to use the groupBy event in this case? what to add? how to make the filter works before the groupBy and choose only certain data for each groupBy rule?

    any idea?

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    I don't think this event fits your needs. onGroupBy occurs on break, not onRecord.

    I think you have to refine your SQL query

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