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PDF Report Multiple Lines Text field Issue

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  • PDF Report Multiple Lines Text field Issue

    This is my first post in the forum and hope I am doing it right.

    I have a problem with a PDF report in SC V8. I have one multiline field (a paragraph or 2) but it is not displaying properly on the report. A line is displayed and runs to the end of the page and then nothing more. See attached pic.

    I am not a programmer so my coding knowledge is VERY basic thus I got SC.

    act_directions is my Multiple Lines Text field.

    I have tried all the following:

    PDF Report > Fields > (act_directions)
    Data Type: Multiple Lines Text
    Width: I have tried numerous values but nothing worked
    PDF Report > Layout PDF > Interface > (act_directions)
    Width: I have tried 0 and numerous other values but nothing worked
    Here is the code in PDF Report:

    Body Code Snippet
              /*------------------ Page 1 -----------------*/
                sc_pdf_print_mult($cell_act_directions, 3.175);
    Definitions Code Snippet
              /*-------- Def. Body --------*/
                $cell_act_directions = array('posx' => 25, 'posy' => 221, 'data' => {act_directions}, 'width'      => 0, 'align'      => 'L', 'font_type'  => $this->default_font, 'font_size'  => 9, 'color_r'    => '0', 'color_g'    => '0', 'color_b'    => '0', 'font_style' => $this->default_style);
    If someone can please help. I have been struggling for 3 days and really need to get this sorted.

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    Does no one have any suggestions? I really need help here.


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      this is bug from SC since new update, I was able to user SC v7, pdf report it was perfect, but now I'm screwed up too, the SC v7 pdf not working properly with new ver.
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