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Groups/Apps permissions check box problem

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  • Groups/Apps permissions check box problem

    I'm having an issue with the security grid created by Scriptcase for setting permissions to groups/apps. For forms, the only check boxes that should be available are access, insert, delete, update. However some forms allow the print and export boxes to be checked and other forms have the standard access, insert, delete, update check boxes disabled. The same goes for grids, some have proper check boxes available and others do not. I haven't changed the code in any of the events that control which check boxes are selectable. Seems as though SC code is confused as to what is a form and what is a grid. Any ideas?

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    Bro, can you take me a screen shot please?
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      The blue checkboxes are enabled and the gray ones are disabled. form_permission_problem.jpggrid_permission_problem.jpg


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        grid has only access permission, and export, print, only if that is applied during the grid building, same for forms, many permissions will not show there if are not enabled prooperly by their buttons like print, export, update, insert, delete..etc (that is what i noticed)


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          Why would forms have the checkboxes available to select export and print when that is against their nature?