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  • How To Prime Details

    I have a grid which display records and right below a DETAIL section which displays selected row details. It all works fine except one thing.
    I want the detail form to be blank upon opening the grid app and do not display any data until user clicks the magnifying glass icon. At this moment every time I start the grid it shows the details for the first record.
    any ideas how to make the details BLANK ?


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    This won't show a blank form, but will hide the detail section until you activate it....

    Assuming your detail section is in its own block, disable the block in the grid's onApplicationInit.

    sc_block_display(blockname, off);

    Once a record is clicked enable the block in the grid's OnRecord:

    sc_block_display(blockname, on);


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      Thanks but,...
      I'm using a grid so I do not understand how am I supposed to get the BLOCKS implemented (it's SC7 project).
      BTW - everything in this App is read only (no edits)



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        Blocks are in SC7 too: Under Layout you can define an extra block - but as I recall now, blocks only work if orientation is slide. So apologies for that.

        You have a screen shot showing the issue?


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          Here is a screenshot. I need an underlying details form blank until user selects particular record




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            aka - ok understand now.

            Ideally, you need a way to enable / disable the "detail" module from within code; enabling it on the first record click. Or have an exit point that allows you to change the detail view data to blanks prior to a record click. But it doesn't look like that's possible that I can see. Sorry.



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              One option might be to display the data within a block which can be made invisible by a sc_macro?
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                Albert, I suggested that earlier - the thing is it's a grid and blocks are only usable if grid orientation is slide.... :-(


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                  exactly - the blocks in the grid are missing and we really need them for simple tasks like this one