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grid order-by problem - fail

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  • grid order-by problem - fail

    hi guys, i am using sc7 latest version, i don't know why the order by clause is changing by itself! yes, i put for example in the SQL select id, field1, field2, field3, field4, field5, field6, field7 from table order by id but lately noticed that the records are not coming right, they come by different order, so enabled the debug and found out that is:

    select fields from table order by field5 asc and id !!!

    i tried removing the id from my SQL order by, and tried adding "ASC" after it, nothing changed... keep the grid adding alone that order by field5!

    ok figured out something else, moved id field of the select to be the the 5th field in the select line and it worked, but also after few runs of the grid again is adding that specific field5 to the order by by itself!

    is it because field5 is the first group-by rule within sc group by rules!? how this is related!? it should first list the grid as per the SQL statement in the sql area, then if sc group by rule is used (either in summary or so) then the group by rule should be enabled!

    any idea? workaround!? is it old bug in sc7? didn't notice it before, i have the search also enabled, did anyone of you face this please?

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    okay, if anyone has similar issue, please reply, i guess it is related to the group by of sc, indeed