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Back button alternative?

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  • Back button alternative?

    hello guys,

    when using Exit button of SC, i get SQL errors, say grid starts with "grid" and you have summary or search.. once you see the data, then click "Exit" or basically is "Back" then I get no records found

    any idea for better approach of this button? to get back normally without playing or affecting SQL statement?

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    This stupid back/exit button drives me crazy
    whever click on it (grid start with summary) takes back to a a page says no records found!
    Removed it, bettter not to have it, removed it from toolbars, but it is sticked there!!! Like you have to have me with you! Is that really resonable guys!?

    Tried removing it from macros using sc_btn_display ("back", off) and sc_btn_display ("exit", "off") - just nothjing, still there, just appears which is not welcomeed at all as it changes the whole sql statmenet................... But can't remove it, not from toolbar not from macro

    any idea how to get rid of this stupid bug? A workaround to hide it all will be fine... It is obvious ugly bug since v8 they claimed they solved it but it is not... Even summary doesn't work if you have a grid starts with summary and then you can't go back to summary if you clicked on details to see the grid.......... And the back button shows no records found........... I reallly decided to low down the cost for client and remove the back button at all but i can't remove it either

    help help