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css3 adding element to grid - onRecord

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  • css3 adding element to grid - onRecord

    hi, i am trying to add text style BLINKING to some records in the grid..

    currently, i could manage to have html tags to work in code and display some items in other colors, bold...etc html styles based on the value of the "cell" it works ok... but i want to make some cells blinking based on its value... condition is ready but blinking doesn't work

    i know it is css3 element and will not work in all browsers

    i tried <blink> {field}</blink> but did not work

    any idea?

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    well, even css 3 or java could do guys! don't know how to do it with grid or where to add the code! where are our css/java gurus? i just want to make a cel text effect, could manage to get all working but not the blink -yet-


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      You need to use Chrome / Firefox to inspect the HTML on the page to identify the names of the CSS elements in use. As I recall for grids there are 2 that equate to odd and even rows - you would then apply your attributes to the 2 named CSS elements.

      So for example I wanted the "pencil" icons to be aligned in the middle vertically - so I used (in onScriptInit event):

      // makes "pencil" etc align vertically in the middle
      echo '<style type="text/css">';
      echo '.scGridFieldEvenFont { vertical-align: middle; }';
      echo '.scGridFieldOddFont  { vertical-align: middle; }';
      echo '</style>';


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        thanks friend, i will give it a try

        i guess a small image indicator as gif may do the needful as well, will work with all browsers though

        appreciated your care and support



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          But most browsers have disabled this now.

          $fieldname = 'my_critical_field';
          $identifier = '#id_sc_field_' . $fieldname . '_' . {sc_seq_register};
          echo "<style>$identifier { text-decoration: blink; }</style>";
          Dave Prue
          Code Whisperer
          Lahar International Corp


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            hi Dave, yes i was almost sure you will share some of your magic dude
            as you guys said, it is not supported by browsers -even i wounder why and read about it-
            its ok anyway as should be working on all browsers so am planning to add small animation image to those fields which i wanted to blink them