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XLS Export exceeds maximum php execution time

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  • XLS Export exceeds maximum php execution time

    I'm running SC9 on an ubuntu 17 platform and I have need for XLS export on a very basic grid. The export doesn't work. Basically, it times out on the php maximum execution. I've extended the execution to 2 minutes and it still happens. There's very little data in the table. Any ideas? Any one else seeing this?

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    I think SC Team must try fix that issue. I have same problem for export to excel.
    There is a free Class , You can export much records without problem.
    I hope the export to excel can be executed by SC Tool very soon.


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      Has anyone had any luck with this problem? I have adjusted all of my php.ini settings to include php execution time. The problem I am having is that when I export a large table to xls (the export works and places a file on the server) however, instead of the download form returning to the screen a blank white page appears. Again the file is created but the download page does not return to the screen. Any ideas?? I am stuck.


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        i encountered similar issues using ver8, i wonder if it is fixed for ver9 ?


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          I am still having trouble with the XLS export on a large grid. The white page is shown at exactly 5 minutes. I have updated my apache and php.ini settings to increase the timeout limit. But no luck.


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            i increase my php timeout to 1024 & it works
            i doubt it is a good solution, but i got no choice.

            Scriptcase, any other work around for this ?