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Grid problems exporting data

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  • Grid problems exporting data


    I made a Grid to show information stored from a Form app,when I select a range of dates to filter some information in the grid the data appear very fast, but at the moment to do an exportation to any format PDF, XLS or WORD it never finish to process them with a big number of registers, the system stays in a white window and nothing happens.

    I hope somebody can help me please.

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    even exporting should be fast, depending on the library that you will use but general is fairly good, do you use security? do you have permissions to export? do you try on development or production, did you see the options in "export" and adjusted them?


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      Dear Mike Could you tell me what kind of library should I use and where can I configure it? let me show you the configuration that I have in security and export. I tried to modify some things but even like this, doesn't work.

      Could you tell me what else can I do please?


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        okay,,, from your first post I understood that is working but slow, now you telling me that is Not working at all!? please define

        I was saying about security because there is permission to allow export, do you have restrictions on export somehow? doesn't even export in development environment? how many records you're trying to export? to what format doesn't export at all? what did you try to do and what is the outcome after trying that?


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          As far as I know we have no issues. Is this happening in dev or production? One of the causes could be a security issue on your temp directory (no r/w access), a shortage of processing time (php.ini) and perhaps others I'm not aware of.
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            Ok I was clear, when it starts the exporting process it never finish, it happens in dev and production environment, Im trying to export 30.000 registers in PDF, XLS and WORD and any of them works. There is any restriction to export data. Could you tell me if must I to modify some line in temp directory or php.ini please?


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              oh 30.000 that would be big! what you imagine even the PDF file output size will be!?!? it needs huge memory to export anyway, go to php.ini increase the memory to whatever you can

              also I would suggest to make down this number by 50% or less, try first if all works ok, the rest will be for sure due to memory and resources exhausting...