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"Processing" display while executing AJAX events

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  • "Processing" display while executing AJAX events

    Is it possible to easily set the location of the "Processing" animation that displays when AJAX events are being run?

    Currently the display comes up on left side of the screen far from the control. I want it to display OVER the control where the users' eyes are focussed.

    Further is it possible to use different animations and effects in this situation such as greying the entire screen and preventing further input until processing is complete?

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    Re: "Processing" display while executing AJAX events

    By default the message "Processing..." display in the middle of the application.
    Maybe the reason why this message didn't display in the middle is the version of your browser.

    Regarding the second question, there is no option to change this message in Scriptcase.


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      Re: "Processing" display while executing AJAX events

      My browser is firefox 3.6.18 - fairly common and up to date.

      Also tried it with IE 8.0.600.18702

      The processing display doe not display in the centrer of the screen. It is over on the left.

      I am not aware of any peculiarities with my system that could cause this on both browsers in the development mode and the production deployment.

      I assumed this was entirely a CSS thing.


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        Re: "Processing" display while executing AJAX events

        Having now played with a few different applications and AJAX events I find that the "Processing" indicator shows up nicely on grid situations. There is a transparent overlay and as Max says the processing indicator is centred on the screen. This is also the case with some of the examples.

        However when processing on a Control application there is no transparent overlay or progress bar and the processing indicator is not centered on the page, it is over to the left. It looks rough and unfinished.

        For an example take a peek at

        The processing indicator behaviour should be consistent across applications. How should I submit as a bug?


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          Re: "Processing" display while executing AJAX events

          hi tonyz,

          I saw the address you sent, this apps was generated in the last version of Scriptcase?
          This happen in all apps, control and form ?


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            Re: "Processing" display while executing AJAX events

            Yes I have an up-to-date SC version 5.02.0035.

            It only happens in control applications. Forms and grids that I have created show the processing indicator differently and more professionally as described above. I can't show you a public example.

            I have not used any other applications to date so I can't say if others have this issue.