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    I followed the tutorial for creating a menu with Security enabled. It all appears to work apart from the groups can still access all forms in the menu? The forms are not greyed out on the menu list even when they have been removed from the group list.

    The only possible cause I could think of is it to do with relationships between the tables. It shows on the help page a relationship tree but doesn't show how its edited within Scriptcase.

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    Re: Security Module

    I had the same problem. Clearing browser cache and cookies solved it (for a while).

    Maybe someone has a suggestion how to prevent SC apps from getting in the browser cache?


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      I am having the same issue. I just created a new security module for my app. I have an Admin group (by default) and have created a new group called "User". When I assign the applications this group can see, I do not select any of the app_form_add_user, app_form_sec_apps, etc. However, when the user logs in, he see the exact same options in the menu that the Admin sees. What am I doing wrong? The users should only see a few options not everything. I am not sure what the point of this "security" is. Is there a fix for this?


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        The 'problem' is the persistant cookie. You need to log out - and log in into your application. Is the problem on the same pc as the development? Then look into the preferences, you might have set debug mode so that authentication is ignored. It will resolve if you upload it to a hosting server.
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