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How list all the entries/items of a menu in a report or a list

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  • How list all the entries/items of a menu in a report or a list

    Hi all,

    How can I list the menu entries in a report (it would be nice also indented).
    All items are store...somewhere in SC becouse I don't find any reference on database.

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    The menu is stored in Javascript and reworked in Javascript (JQuery) when it's lay-out changes due to application requests. So you cannot get the menu somewhere from the database at runtime. Of course the item are stored in the configuration of your project and I guess it's in the sqlite database somewhere. But not very easy to find as it is stored as an imploaded array in one of the fields of your menu application. The fieldnames are not very logical all the time.
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      So, in other words , I can't make a list of all applications connected to menu items.
      Need I to copy them manually ??


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        Yes. You will have to do this manually.

        Have you seen the project diagram. Located under Project -> Show Diagram. I know its not a list but you can see all the links from the Menu and its really cool


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          Hi, thanks
          unfortunately the picture is .... 2 meters long and absolutely not readable.... ;-))
          As for Languages translation this is another mistery of SC !!!


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            Well if all you applications are connected to the menu you could select the entries from the apps table that is created when you use the Security module. You could also add a column to this table called Menu and set it as Yes or No and then select only those records where Menu is Yes. But it would require a little manual work.