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annoying menu icons, please share your experience

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  • annoying menu icons, please share your experience

    in SC7 i played a little in theme > menu > item padding and margins and the icon added to the menu was align somehow...

    but in SC8 tried the same, never works, always the icon that appear to the menu text on the left is so close to the text, and text shows very odd, not the same horizontal align with the icon, and touchs the icon from left...

    i tried removing the cache, tried in css menus and the themes, tried different css menu... all same stress, nothing works elegant, just so clost and touching the text which makes it really ugly

    where to adjust this icon css in the theme > menu > item? which one? padding? margin? what to put there?
    what is the css itself something written edge menu doesn't affect anything.. is it related!?
    even if i copied one of the ready-made css menus, once i added my 16x16 icon to it it goes really bad

    any advice in this regard is highly appreciated.


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    I noticed the same and I added a pre-space in the label, but that's a work-around. Also it appears that different icons cause the menu to dis-align and I consider this a bug.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      Albert, with time consuming, removing cache, and trying each css available, then uploading to view how it looks on mobile and grrrrr looks so ugly, it is not a bug, it is "stress" and time wasting

      best practice from my own drilling into this stuff so far, is to use the menu without an icon... also you will stick to their menu and the margins above and below them.. however, it needs a lot of development yet, i believe.. this is important application that everybody will sue, i don't know how these guys make their work priorites

      another workaround tried it earlier is to play with the icon dimentions and add spaces to the top and right in photoshop or other image software, it is waste of time though... i don't know what is so complicated to define a width x height for an icon that works with items... or to tell us how to control that in themes or menu css... in SC7 got it working by chance while playing in menu elements in css but again, it is not easy nor streight forward... i think next Friday webinar is about this stuff, lets ask and see what they will advise