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Deploy Process Does Not End

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  • Deploy Process Does Not End

    I use Deploy to FTP applications to the production environment. So far I have used typical and just selected applications to deploy.

    The process starts in the browser, but never ends. The activity animation just keeps going and going. After a while I stop the process and test the application in the production environment. Everything has been deployed OK, but Scriptcase never seems to get the message.

    What could the problem be?

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    Re: Deploy Process Does Not End

    Hello tonyz,

    Instead of using FTP, try to generate the .zip file, and put in the server and extract then.
    Another thing you could do, is verify in diagnosis file of scriptcase, some configuration like, memory_limit, max_execution_time.



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      Re: Deploy Process Does Not End

      I'll try the ZIP method.

      Where/when is the diagnosis generated? I'll have a lok at that if I can find it.

      Also after deploying I find that I cannot resume programming. If I close teh windows and try to start Scriptcase again, it will not start. cycling Apache does not help. Must reboot and start again. This is a bit rough.


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        Re: Deploy Process Does Not End

        to check the diagnosis file, go to main menu of Scriptcase, Help->Diagnosis