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Two projects common libs?

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  • Two projects common libs?

    Hello all,

    I have two different projects on the same webserver, I did deploy the first one and works fine, for the seconds I can not make the deploy process to include the common libs and don't know where to put them, so the question is:

    Can I use for the second project the same commons libs for the first project? if so, how to do that?
    Do I have to upload the common libs for all projects?

    Please help,
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Two projects common libs?

    normally every project has it's own path on your production server.
    for example
    <your webserver>/<poject_1>
    <your webserver>/<poject_2>

    under <your webserver>/<poject_1>/_lib ....
    under <your webserver>/<poject_2>/_lib ....

    you will find all the common libraries of SC.

    If you later update to the next version of SC (for example SC 6) you can migrate one project after the other.
    So project_1 may be SC V6 and project_2 may be still SC V5.

    In my opinion I would separate the common libs close to every project.
    I have 7 projects in SC and all have their OWN common libs and it works without problems.

    Hope this helped you.

    Uwe Pfeiffer


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      Sure seems like a lot of overhead on the server if not able to share common lib directory...just saying?


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        You can share the libs, but then all your applications needs to be unique in names. If you need that then create one project and per-new-project add a subdirectory and create your application there. There's a move to project function below the apps list.
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        aducom software netherlands
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          I have recently problems with the Production environment, the problem is that SC is not reconizing my conection, I delete the conections and create a new one,I made test and works fine, but when I load the page appear the next message ...

          Crear conexiones
          La conexión a base de datos que la aplicación utiliza no fue encontrada. Usted necesita tener acceso al entorno de producción y crear la conexión.

          Conexiones que no encuentradas: CRM_Tecnologistik

          Haga clic aquí para crear las conexiones ahora.

          .... But CRM_Tecnologistik is not installed in the webserver, how can solve this problem because I can´t upload my new projects ... my version of SC is 5.2


          Eduardo Cazares