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  • security problem

    I have had a security implemented on my local machine. I removed all security applications and set project setting security to NONE.
    After dep[ploying an App on the production server I get an access denied error.
    Any idea what can have caused this ?


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    May you show me a screenshot of this error? It may be an Apache folder permission issue or a cache-related SctiptCase bug. I just need more details.


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      here is the screen

      OK, I just noticed something wired...
      When I uploaded ZIPed Project to the server and expanded it, I can see folders with an Apps intended for Security: ie.e /app_change_pswd \app_form_add_users etc....
      I really don't understand where is this coming from as all security is disabled and I see no Apps like those in my project at all. Seems like this is the problem and for some reason SC keeps generating all security code without my intention.

      Any ideas ?

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        Hello Arthur,

        This issue might be happening because SC is deploying old files (garbage) that you had previously on your project. To prevent this, follow the steps below:

        1 - Make sure that all applications aren't using security. You can do that with express editing.
        2 - Clear every file on /scriptcase/tmp
        3 - Re-generate the entire project source code
        4 - Deploy the application again

        Bernhard Bernsmann


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          Sandra - this helped, thank you but,...

          now I get another strange error:

          Error while accessing the database:
          Unknown table 'dDISEASES' in information_schema
          select count(*) from dDISEASES

          the table name is correct, and this same App runs fine locally, so I don't understand where this error is coming from



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            Which RDBMS are you working with? Is this the same database?

            Make sure that the production user that is logging in to the database, has permission to work with that table. Also see if dDISEASES is under information_schema.

            Bernhard Bernsmann


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              yes, this is exactly the same database, yes-database is listed in the ?SCHEMA and the privileges are set correctly (at least that's what I think).


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                I am facing the same problem...opened a ticket...currently trying to solve it!

                I used security and now I am not using security. After deploy my Apps can't connect to database due to unknown table error...Connecting with Prod Env. works and table is in database.

                1. I enabled security with all Apps
                2. I deleted all security related Apps
                3. I deleted anything within tmp folder
                4. I generated all Apps
                5. Deployed all Apps using FTP
                6. Config Prod. using the same connection name as with Apps
                7. Test with database connection is ok, permissions are 755
                8. Try to run my App I get the "Unknown table..." error message. It is the same table name with any app even though they are using different table names!
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                  This is an odd error. Ive had problems links these' but removing sec tables, generated apps and unchecked authorisation useually did the trick. I useually deploy on a wamp installation and if all is well i ftp with filezilla from the wamp directory. Don't know if this will help, but you could try.
                  Albert Drent
                  aducom software netherlands
                  scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                    ok...i am back too good...

                    1. I deleted security related tables within database
                    2. I re-generated all applications
                    3. Fresh FTP Upload and set permission on folder 755R
                    4. Restart of my PC
                    5. Config. Prod Env with correct connection
                    6.Bingo!!! It's working again

                    ...not sure what went wrong...