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Deployment Database access denied for user root@localhost using password: YES

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  • Deployment Database access denied for user root@localhost using password: YES

    I deployed a project on MAC pc using localhost. I am going to call the project "Project-1".
    I then tried to test the deployed application on a Windows PC, so did the following:

    1) I copied the folder generated by the deployment process and copied the folder over to the wwwroot folder on the Windows PC.
    2) I generated a dump of MySql database for the application
    3) I imported the application's database to MySql on the Windows pc and created the same connection used by the application.
    4) When entering the URL: http://localhost:86/Project-1 I get an access error

    An error occurred while connecting to the database:
    Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

    How can I fix this access problem, seems like the password to the CONNECTION is not the same and won't let me run the application.
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    you need to copy the zip created on deployment to the new hosting/test area, then when u access the url it still shows an error but with a link to acces the backend to edit the login details for the new host.

    or u could also:

    if till problems would redeploy your project and copy the zip created over.


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      Thank you JamieO.
      What I had to do to resolve this is that I had to configure the PROD environment on the new PC. something I forgot to do.
      Open web browser and enter: http://localhost:86/Project-1/_lib, on a MAC:
      ScriptCase Prod environment screen comes up
      Enter new password
      Create or modify a connection to the database
      Test the connection and exit.
      Open web browser and enter: http://localhost:86/Project-1 on a MAC: ---- >> done.