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Database connection do not remains persistent.

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  • Database connection do not remains persistent.

    The project I am going to install on XAMPP server, deployed from ScriptCase v6, have a problem. The connections to database I am going to make is not storing remaining as I set. When I come back to _lib directory, SC again ask me to change password and make connection. After making connections, when I load the initial login screen, it shows error due to unavailable connections.

    I have encoded the source code with IonCube and Running it on XAMPP server under Linux Ubuntu 64 bit

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    Start deploying it without encoding to see where the problem is. It could be anything, from insufficient rights to configuration of apache, php and whatever... If it works w.o. encoding then you can concentrate on the ION part.
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      I am working on it. Problem is seems to be in Obfuscation of code because when I keep obfuscation level to variable only, it worked. It is not sufficient security for me. I am trying to give another level of obfuscation. Lets see what'll happen.


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        That issue usually due to (un)set permissions. Even though you are creating a connection, the connection isn't being saved because you haven't set write permission. Make sure you have set write permissions recursively to ScriptCase folder.

        Bernhard Bernsmann