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    Hey Guys

    Am just about finishing with my first platform created with scriptcase yay
    So I wanted to upload it to a sub-domain and have it as a demo/example/preview... u get the idea right!

    So my question would be how can I or would I be able to host it and allow usage as a demo? so the content always exists no matter what a user does.....

    Any help, suggestions or even examples would be greatly appreciated!

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    What other demo's often do is to copy the database from backup every hour back to the original location. You can set your database in read-only mode but then updating won't work. Not a good demo imho ;-)
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      IF I were doing a demo app.. I would allow everything except deleting..
      Just remove Delete buttons from the app, and put a disclaimer on the site that deleting data is not enabled.


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        thanks both seem like reasonable ideas, think the removal of the dell button will have to do the trick