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cant log into production environment

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  • cant log into production environment


    I've a problem with production environment.

    when i tried to login into production environment on my server i put the default password and redirect me to a page where i have to change the password, when i put the new password it redirect me to login page again and don't let me enter to production environment.

    i dont know whats the problem, my server is centOS with php 5.4 and mysql.

    hope somebody could help me.

    thanks in advance!!!

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    If you have deployed your application then SC needs to be configured for the database connection you have. So yes, you have to logon to this _lib application, change password, set the database connection. After saving that you are able to startup your application.
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      Originally posted by neokike View Post
      my server is centOS with php 5.4
      Please try with PHP 5.3 ...
      Best regards: - Reinhard -

      I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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        It is possible your _lib directory doesn't have the correct permissions. When I deploy for the first time, I always have to change permissions on the _lib directory so that the initial configuration will save.