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Production Deployment Problems

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  • Production Deployment Problems

    I have been trying to deploy my application from my Windows 8 workstation to my hosted server for over a week. The gentleman in customer support is really putting forth a good effort, but we seem to have a slight language barrier that is holding up progress. He recently asked me to download the below file, and he gave me a series of steps to take once the files were unzipped. However, he did not tell me if he files should be unzipped to my Windows 8 personal workstation or to the hosted server where my scripts are deployed. He also did not mention in which directory these files should be unzipped.

    File that is to be unzipped:
    The file was downloaded from:

    Can anyone tell me if I am supposed to unzip the above to my Windows 8 Workstation, or to the host where my generated scripts are deployed?

    I also need to know if it will automatically build the additional sub-directories in their proper places, or do I have to unzip the
    files to a certain directory.

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    That file is for your W8 machine. Make a full backup of you sc folder before install ...
    Best regards: - Reinhard -

    I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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      If you run sc on your IIS then you may also need to set IIS service to run under a user with more rights. That depends on what you need tho. the service IIS is limited in various ways (righteously so, good against hackers).
      Basicilly most things attempted outside the iis main dir will cause ailures (check your logs for the details).


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        Deployment is fairly simple. I have done it to remote service providers (linux) as wel on my own servers (Windows 2008 server). In general I advise to run apache. Even on my Windows servers I run Apache as part from Uniform Server (see Google for that, it's a wamp package). If you create your deployment file in zip then you can upload this file to your server and unzip in the webroot or subdirectory. In fact, that's all you need to do. If you start up your application you get an admin screen to set your new admin password and then you need to declare your (mysql) connection.

        If you have specific problems than please post them here. I haven't had any issues so far.
        Albert Drent
        aducom software netherlands
        scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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          Hi Aducom,
          I just purchase ScriptCase v7,to migrate company desktop-apps to Web-App. I has been programmer to Desktop Apps but never to Web-Apps.
          I have a lot of questios about Scriptcase but for now I got ! Special Question :
          I tried several times to deploy a project in our Web-Server but I can't.
          Can you tell me which is better way to do that? . Or How can do that w/sucess This App has a Access DB , I need "Upload" this tables too and handle w/forms-apps from web and keep data on the web-server, is possible??

          Thank you Very much.




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            I don't have much experience with MsAccess so I can't help you on that point. I use MySQL / SQLServer / Oracle and they are going similar so I hope that counts for MsAccess too. First the hosting. I use linux or windows hosting, but on both occasions I use apache as webserver. I don't use IIS, simply because that server is too complex to configure. I managed in W2003 server to get my soap servers running, but on W2008 I simply couldn't get it running. In apache it's a piece of cake, so if you are deploying under W2008 server I can only advise to shut down IIS and install Uniform Server (it's a wamp package). As MsAccess is not an application server afaik, but just a bunch of dlls, you need to install MsAcces somehow under apache/php. I realy don't know how to do that, but I assume there's a package to be set in php.ini. Then the rest is fairly simple. Export your database to a sql file and import that on your server side. Next upload your zipfile and unzip in your www directory or a subdir from that: www/myapp Finally start up your application. If things are installed well you will get a screen asking you to logon, change admin password and define your connection. If you do that and close, you can restart your application and it will show your main form which you have defined while deploying.
            I hope this gives you a good idea about the process. It might depend on your server side if you can install MsAccess. If you have your own virtual/dedicated server it's not an issue, but if you need to hire shared hosting from a provider you might run in to trouble that MsAccess is not supported.
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            Albert Drent
            aducom software netherlands
            scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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              If you want to use IIS (which I advoke against for scriptcase) then you really have to work your way into the knowledge on IIS. All the settings have to be done in the IIS manager
              nad there are loads of them. You have to take into account that your rights on the inetpub dir are good (which is by standard configured rather strict). On some occasions you even have to create
              a user that has rights outside the inetpub dir. Under iis you basicaly run as a user that bascically only has rights under the inetpub dir, it can not go anywhere else, also not to a directory outside inetpub.
              Setting up rights takes a lot of time figuring and and reading. So I totally agree, avoid the difficulties and grab uniform server. Setting that up is super easy.
              Do be aware that if you use uniform (thus apache) and you want your server to have access drive outside your machine that you have to run apache under a promoted user instead of the standard service account.


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                Thank you , to your comments , but I still w/ not deploy my app... no one form-grid that works!!!
                I think that I'm missing steps but I do everything in manual , I has been follow in online help but It is imposible!!!
                Some body has a manual or any detail steps to deploy over web-server Pls!!!!


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                  First start would be to install a local Wamp installation on your pc, like wamp, uniform or whatever. Then deploy to your local root (www) directory. Then try to get it running locally. If it does I think you need to replicate it on the windows server. I can't help with iis, I used to work with it in W2003 server, but since 2008 server it's too much for me. I get lost in all the settings, which is why I moved to apache under W2008 server. But first step should be deploying locally (saves you a lot of uploadtime too ;-)
                  Albert Drent
                  aducom software netherlands
                  scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                    Ok,... Thank you to all for your comments. But I don't think that we need all this to run an easy app. or Yes?
                    If SC offer this option to BD Access, My SQL, Oracle , ODBC, etc... I think that must works for all with little adjusts but not big difference from one to another. I has been programmer to Desktop, and LAN apps, Know about of write code and Databases ops. but no over Web
                    ... by my experience, if a program run well its code must run well "always" (in theory).
                    I'm asking help because I think that I'm missing some steps or I'm doing something wrong,.... My steps are :
                    - I go over deployment option , I Choose my apps.
                    - Choose create a Zip File, this file is generated, then download on my Station. (until here all Ok) (If I run the app. in my station run well)
                    - I take the Zip file and upload it in to a web-server (we have a shared Apache-Unix server ) unzip using serv-app, w/No problem w/this.
                    - I start the app. the Menu works well, but a box come in with following msg :

                    Connections not found: conn_access

                    Click here to create the connections now. ...

                    - Click, ...and I go across Scriptcase Login screen
                    - I Change Password and PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT screen is in front of me.
                    - Appear conn_access , I click on it

                    -Then SC As for : ODBC Name :
                    Username :
                    Password :

                    - I try Fill this Fields with right data but don't work.
                    - What or How must be fill it this fields...
                    I Always got same error

                    Connection Error


                    And I can't get over web.. Still in this point .... ANY IDEA.??..

                    Thank you in advance for your help.!!!!


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                      Please check on the server itself whether you can even reach the database. Just make a database connection by hand using php.
                      For examples see:
                      You should be able to get that to work.

                      Next you have to consider how the webserver is running, maybe it is running as a restricted user and it needs access to a remote database. Hence it wont be able to connect. So this is all an issue of the proper setup on your server.