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Deploy Issue - App Will Not Compile

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  • Deploy Issue - App Will Not Compile

    Hi -
    I am having an issue with a single app not compiling when deploying to Production. Last night was the first time an issue like this occurred. I have been deploying on this app for several weeks.

    The issue is with the control app Login - part of the Security module. When working with it in my dev environment, all works well. It compiles (and shows that it is compiled in the list view) and works as instructed. When I deploy - I deploy to a ZIP file - I get a file list of all of the apps I am deploying. In the Login app, it shows "The application must be compiled" and does not include the app in the deployment.

    If I go back and generate that app, I still get the message. If I generate ALL apps, I will not get the error message on deployment, but it doesn't appear to put up the right code (app does not work the same on Prod as Dev).

    I have cleared my cache in my browser and deleted the /temp/ directory. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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    I just discovered that my Login app has not updated since Dec 18 - almost 4 weeks ago. I have deployed it several times since then.


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      I found a clue as to why things weren't working properly. Still not sure exactly why I was getting the "The application must be compiled", but things are working now.

      For the control app xxx_Login, I gave it a "Friendly URL" named "login". I found that when I compiled, all of the app files went into a directory called "login" instead of the directory "xxx_Login". When deploying, I would select "xxx_Login" as the starting app, as there was no "login" app listed. When I would go to the app in Production, xxx_Login was being called instead of the "login" friendly URL. So, non of the changes in xxx_Login would show up, as they were all within "login" directory. If I typed "", I would get the correct app. If I just went to "", "xxx_Login" would show by default.

      So, I removed the Friendly URL from xxx_Login, recompiled and uploaded. All went well. I will delete the "/login/" directory, as that will no longer be used.

      Mystery, but I will call this resolved because I got it working