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First Impressions: why should I buy...

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  • First Impressions: why should I buy...

    I must say VERY impressed with the Scrictcase technology, and am VERY tempted to buy a license and spend the time leaning all the intricacies of developing with Scriptcase.

    The things I like: the whole intuitive environment, the comprehensiveness of the whole environment, including, the versioning, global changes, the extensiveness of possibilities, and general ease of development. In almost every way, it's just what I've been looking for.

    The things I don't like: I read in the company profile, that this is a 10 year old product, though I can't find one review. This forum is suspiciously inactive. Posts are not responded to in a timely manner and I'm also a put off by the removal of Deployment from the trial. I really would like to see something working before my purchase.

    I'm concerned that if I commit time and money to developing in Scriptcase, I may find myself facing a critical bug, with no choice but to wait for an unspecified update. Were are all the busy developers? Not here. Where are all the reviews? Not a one seen from Google.

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    Re: First Impressions: why should I buy...

    I have been using SC for a while and I am very happy with it. There are several basic things that are missing that are found in most other products, but they are starting to make strives to include them.

    You will not find many reviews. I was told about SC from another developer and did not know of it's existence before that. They seem to be a 'hidden' product compared to others.

    The US forum is not very active at all. I try to visit as often as possible.
    If you see their main forum, it has a few more users.
    (I use Google Translate to read it from time to time)

    This forum is p2p, but there are visits from support at times. It has been better lately. There were many complaints before, so hopefully things are changing.

    They offer live chat and a help desk if you purchase support. It is provided for a limited time after purchase.

    I have used several other generators. I have found that I can stay within the SC IDE to write all my code. I was not able to in other products. I also like the fact that I can code from anywhere since it is web based and that I also use Linux.

    It is not all roses, and there are unhappy users at times, but NetMake seems to be trying to move forward.

    I can provide more details on request.

    I would buy it again.