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Attach a generated PDF to an email automatically

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  • Attach a generated PDF to an email automatically

    I need to create PDF files that automatically should be emailed after generation. A logical way to do this is to add the php code to email the file in an event occuring after the PDF has been generated to a server folder, in the pdf report itself but unfortunately there is no such event.

    Anybody who have a good solution to this?
    HelTech Communication

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    Re: Attach a generated PDF to an email automatically

    I suggest you use fpdf command and libraries to create your pdf file through scriptcase Blank Application, but first you need to load the fpdf.php from C:NetMakev6wwwrootscriptcaseprod hirdfpdf to your scriptcase development libraries.

    To save it to a folder on the server use:


    After that, you can use the following scriptcase function to send the pdf attachment via email.

    sc_mail_send (SMTP, Usr, Pw, From, To, Subject, Message, Mens_Type, Copies, Copies_Type, Port, Connection_Type, Attachment)

    If you are using the ReportPDF application from scriptcase, then you can use sc_pdf_output() macro to save the file.


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      Hi Leatheric,
      I did a ReportPDF and I used sc_pdf_output([path].'/'.[file_name].'.pdf',"F"); within Code section.
      It seems that it works but I would like inhibit the viewing of the default form that asks for saving or open the pdf.
      I want only to generate the pdf and attach it to an automatic e-mail sending.

      How can jump that step and save only the pdf file generated somewhere ?


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        How could we print a simple pdf in background and attach it to a simple eMail to the customer? Sometimes with you can reach difficult staff with a couple of clicks and a really simple task in various wasting time days to solve on Scriptcase :-(


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          Yes, I agree with you... !!! SC makes easy many things and many of the easiest are still uncovered.
          By the way the only way is to save the file pdf or in general to server and then attach it by code to mail . The problem is that the pdf report can't do any redir to other applications by itself.