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Use SQL Selection from Grid in PDF Report

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  • Use SQL Selection from Grid in PDF Report

    Hi , I have a grid application which I can search and sort records

    I want to create a PDF report using the records displayed in the grid and the sort order its displayed within the grid

    I have already created a PDF report but I don't know how to pass the records and sort order from the grid to the PDF report

    I can't use and don't want to use the PDF export function as I can't install JRE on the webserver. I want to use the grid data in a separate PDF report application
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    Hi addscript. you can check the where condition in your grid, and use it as a where condition on the SQL sentence of the PDF report.
    you can pass it by a global variable using sc_redirect macro.

    i hope this help.



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      Hi jjhermosillo

      Thanks for the reply. I'l have a look at the macro and see if I can achieve what I want