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pdf,xls,csv buttons does not show in prod environment

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  • pdf,xls,csv buttons does not show in prod environment

    i have a :
    wind Serv 2008 /IIS
    jre 7u45
    Diagnosis.php send me a java on
    and a grid app in develop env on my w7 pc at the same network , it shows me the export and pdf buttons
    BUT on the server 2008/IIS/jre 7u45 (production) does NOT
    im already change the temp path '/' to '\' on the config file and still doesnt works

    any ideas

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    It's most likely due to path problems and/or rights settings and/or jre rights in IIS. I used to work with IIS on W2003 server and managed to get things working. I quit when I moved over to 2008 Server as IIS became too complex.
    So I recommend - if you have the means of doing so - to install Uniform server and use Apache. The environment is more similar to the SC environment and will most likely solve your issues. If you move over to SC7 you will not be needing the JRE any more (which is a big pro due to the safety of your web environment)
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      See reply to your other mail.. You probably need to run the service under an elevated account (as in an account with more rights). (check your event logs!)
      I also suggest ditching iis completely and using uniform or another wamp like package. That should make it easier... And apart from that you have more options by fiddling with .htaccess and so on.