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problem with wkhtmltopdf.exe -- grid export tp pdf

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  • problem with wkhtmltopdf.exe -- grid export tp pdf


    I assume that the program wkhtmltopdf.exe is started by V7 when the user exports an htmp-Grid to PDF ??
    On my windows 2008 R2 WEB Server the program wkhtmltopdf.exe allocates 13 % from CPU for several minutes ???
    Sometimes I have 2 of theses processes and they take 26 % of CPU ...

    Please see attachment with screenshot from task-manager.

    Especially PDF reports always ALL pages and I found no way to allow only to export the actual page of the grid.

    In some cases my server breaks down ...
    Maybe this is the reason .. ?

    Anybode else faces this problem ??

    Best regards
    Uwe Pfeiffer
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    I got an additional problem becouse I don't have control of the server and so I can't use the pdf export feature becouse for security reason the hosting server do not permit to use .exe program on server side.
    Then, when I copy all deployed programs and libraries to server I got more or less 12.500/13.000. The ONLY file that.. "everytime" blocks the upload process and it's not copied is --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v71\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod\third \wkhtmltopdf\osx\Contents\MacOS\wkhtmltopdf that also has not suffix too...
    I'm not a technician but I suppose that it could be nice to look for a more efficient and without all these constraints PDF library.. and serious problem noticed by Uwe.


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      Try running the scriptcase apache service under a user with more rights, I see your user is IUSR. We are running with a user with more rights on purpose becasue otherwise we cant read remote drives.


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        sorry but I do not understand . Could you please explain what I have to do in easier way. How can I change rights in SC . Thanks
        I do the upload via FTP using Filezilla and every time the uploading process stops on that MEGA file


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          Go to you windows 2008 services, locate the ApacheScriptcase71 right click it and view the properties. Check the tabs and you will see it runs as IUSR which is the default user for running the service. That user is limited. Create a user with more rights and change the IUSR to that user. The new user has to have the proper read and write access on the appropriate dirs.