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No label fields in the PDF report

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  • No label fields in the PDF report

    I recently ScriptCase the user of the software. By creating applications for the help of this utility to be run I decided to create PDF reports, however, napotkałen a problem and do not know how to solve it. The case relates to labels when it generates a report displaying my report in August on the same data from the database while there are no labels identifying the name of the field. I am not able to walk or there is a possibility to add custom labels to the report. If anyone had a similar problem and solved it is please help

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    this is scriptcase development team laziness, they didn't make this label in pdf format, I always use the pdf report, and I created the new-field and inside onRecord area I update all the value into the label like...

    {from_date} = 'From Date: '.{fromdate};
    hope this will help...
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      Yeah Scriptcase PDF reports are really lacking. I hoped version 8 would bring some improvements but by the looks of the feature lists I have seen so far, nothing new seems to be coming. Thats why I started using this method outlined here:


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        Has you checked for phpjasperxml?

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