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Edition Lookup for searches ?

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  • Edition Lookup for searches ?


    as you know, in form applications you can use the edition lookup functionality to load values from other tables joined via id fields, in order to show a predefined set of values which are represented by id values in the respective table.

    Well, I just created a search application to allow searching for specific records, if the user wants to modify something using the forms application.
    My question is:
    Is it possible to use the edition lookup functionality in the search application, to allow the user to enter the values of the joined table as search parameters?

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    Re: Edition Lookup for searches ?

    Let me please illustrate this using an example, shown in the attached picture.

    There is a table 'automobiles', which holds cars.
    Car types and manufacturers are stored as ids, which are joined in linked tables holding the appropriate description and names for the ids.
    Now the user wants to modify a specific record in this table using a form application. Therefore I need to create a search application that he can retrieve that specific record.
    How can I allow the user to select a specific manufacturer or car type from a list as a searc criteria?
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      Re: Edition Lookup for searches ?

      Have you tried setting up a link of type "Capture"?

      I have the same concept in my datamodels as you have. When I'm in the automobile form, I can press buttons next to the manufacturer and type fields to "capture" a manufacturer or type. Pushing the button a new grid is opened where you can search and select the manufacturer or type you need.

      In the automobile form I show the id as well as the manufacturer name, or type description.


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        Re: Edition Lookup for searches ?


        many thanks!
        I've used field links and application links but no capture links up to now.
        I'll try that, once I'll be back at my development machine.



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          Re: Edition Lookup for searches ?

          Don't forget you'll have to create a manufacturer grid and type grid first. After that you can create the capture links in the automobile form. good luck.