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  • Quick Search functionality in a search app

    I know this is the search forum but I was wondering if there was a way to make a search application that functions exactly like the quick search function in a form. I would like to choose which field I want to search by with a select drop down just like you setup in quick search. I need this in an app by itself. I tried making an empty form with only the quick search in the top toolbar but when I link it to the form I want to pull data from nothing happens. I tried all three parameter passing options but the form never comes up. The ajax loading animation shows and then nothing. I could accomplish this with a regular search but I don't want to look at 8 different fields, just one select and one text box. You might be thinking why I don't just use the quick search in the form I'm trying to bring up. The reason I can't do that is because I have a macro set to start the form empty which removes all buttons and anything else from the toolbar because the macro set the form to insert mode.