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How to use sc_apl_conf()

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  • How to use sc_apl_conf()

    Can someone give me a detail example how to use sc_apl_conf() function ?

    I have read the manual but still don't understand.

    Thank you

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    I only used it to put a form default in input mode. If you call this function in some application and need the next app to link to in insert mode you use this function. Then call the next form which will be in input mode. I didn't use other options. But in general, when you are in an application and need the linked app work in a certain mode you use this function in the calling application. Bit cryptic I know, but don't know how to explain better. Ah another sample. You have a menu and one is add new customer. Your customer form is a crud and will start default in edit because you already have a lot of customers and you need to click on new to get a new record. Butif you set in the onexecute of the menu a call to this funciton with the right parms then the app will start in input mode.
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