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Force a field refresh on data returned from a capture link?

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  • Force a field refresh on data returned from a capture link?

    I am using a phone # field as a look up for contact information. The data is saved without the template. So I would save 8005551212 instead of 800-555-1212. I use the onblur ajax event to look for a match based on phone # and if I find it I populate the other contact fields on the form. That all works great. I also added a capture link that returns the phone #. My problem is that it returns 8005551212 but it doesn't insert the template when it returns. So when I tab off the field I get an error that the data is not in the correct format because it doesn't have the -'s. I tried putting code in the onchange event that said if there are no -'s in the field insert them but when I do that I get the dashes I inserted and the template dashes. What's strange is that if I were to cut and paste into that field it would insert the dashes automatically but when populated with ajax it doesn't do that.

    So I need to know the best way to get the dashes in the field. Is there a refresh option?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    When the capture link returns the # string 8005551212 if I select the field and then press CTRL A it forces the template to show up, which is my ultimate goal.
    It's just a display issue but the client won't accept the solution without it working.




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      I guess another option would be to store the data with the -'s. But if I do that, how do I use a template? Is there a way to save the template with the data?