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Table Sync Missing?

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  • Table Sync Missing?

    I am on the most current version of SC7 and I think my table sync option is missing.

    Or am I confused?

    This is why I am looking to use it.

    The field used to be numeric but now I'm storing the actual value, like West, East, but when then grid executes, it doesn't put quotes around the value so it gets an error.

    For example, it will say
    "where region = West"
    which gives a mysql error.
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    Grids do not have a SYNC option as FORMS do.

    Go to SQL on your left tab and change your SQL Statement.

    Also on the example you gave, you should pass 'West' as a string with quotation marks.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      The query selects region which is a varchar field. The West is in the search query because I select it from a drop down select in the search form. I don't create the sql statement sc7 does.


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        I think since ScriptCase thinks the field is an integer, it doesn't bother putting the quotes around the field when it creates the "where" clause.
        I am going to try removing the field totally from the app and add it back in and see if that fixes it.