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Why we have such mess here ?

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  • Why we have such mess here ?

    I thought this section is for good examples of code. I looked up here and it looks like a mess. Is the ADMIN of this forum aware of what is going on ?
    Please get all the crap which is not related to coding and move it to some other section.

    you - DEAR USERS - pot the code questions or replies here not a general SC issues which are covered elsewhere. Asking irrelevant questions in this (and any other ) CODING category you DO HARM TO THE PRODUCT, FORUM AND OTHER USERS - because you create a mess. If you cannot read/write English then please move to the section with your language.

    I wish the admin will have more control and supervision over that. Leittle more discipline for lazy peopl will just do god for the rest.

    Thank you for your attention.